Nourelm | Podcast
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On this podcast serie we talk a lot about social media and how it can drive us nuts sometimes. I’ll teach you how to detach when it’s time and how to thrive at peak times. How we can navigate this virtual journey to live a balanced life with & without social.  I like to invite people to learn from their stories and help us use social media with more confidence and due diligence. It’s not a growth hack podcast, you can always consult with me on this matter.

Social Media Madness 12: Influencers WHO?

What does influencer mean nowadays? What are you influencing people to do? You’re an aspiring digital influencer as well? What should be your role? What is an influencer role? Listen to this podcast to learn everything!

Social Media Madness 11: The digital artist journey with Feda Eid

What is it like to navigate social media when you’re an artist? Where do you get inspiration from? Feda Eid, visual artist, stylist and photographer tells us all about her digital journey!

Social Media Madness 10: Personal Branding vs Personal Selling

What is personal branding and what is personal selling? Who on social media is branding themselves and who is just trying to sell us something? Let’s discover today on this podcast!

Social Media Madness 09: Comfort Zone with Amine Athem

Are you the type of person who get out of their comfort zone easily? Yes?No?Maybe? Learn all about it with our special guest Amine Athem, videographer, photographer and content creator based in Algeria. Social media motivated him to get out of his comfort zone and go travel the deep ends of Algeria.

Social Media Madness 08: Screen Time Devil

How much is too much screen time? This podcast episode is about what the numbers means and too much screen time don’t necessarily labels you as a #phoneaddict

Social Media Madness 07: Taking back control of you story

How can we retake control of our own story (narrative) and making a change? I will talk about how the Algerian Revolution is doing that right now and also the #modestfashion movement.

Social Media Madness 01: Hashtag #Goals

Social media series 01: Today’s topic is about the use of hashtag: #goals #couplegoals #lifegoals.